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What Does the Word Yoga Mean?

The word yoga has roots dating back to ancient times. Here is a look at what it means....(more)

Sanskrit: the Language of Yoga

Ever feel confused when your teacher tells you to do something ending in -asana? Read on for a grasp on the key Sanskrit terms you are likely to encounter....(more)

What is the Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most powerful and revered mantras (sacred sounds, words or phrases) in all of Hindu sacred texts (which inspired much of yogic thinking). Here is an overview of its meaning and how you should add it to your practice....(more)

What Are Chakras?

Derived from the Sanskrit word for "wheel," a chakra is a point in the body where networks of arteries, veins and nerves meet. In yogic tradition, these points are said be vortexes of life force (prana). There are seven main chakras, each of which governs specific parts of the body...(more)

Health Benefits

Five Great Yoga Poses for Digestion

Yoga poses can help ease digestion. Here are some good ones to try....(more)

How Yoga Helps You With Sports Practice

Yoga has been adopted by more and more sports teams and athletes than ever. Here are some ways hitting the mat can pay off in sports....(more)

Yoga Vs. Zumba

Yoga and Zumba are two contrasting workouts. Which is better? Here's a look....(more)

Prenatal Yoga

Baby Yoga: Seven Poses for the Expecting

This practice is a great way to help you relieve some of the discomforts of pregnancy. You will strength and open your body in preparation for birth and childcare. Here are some poses to try....(more)

Yoga Styles 101: How to Practice Prenatal Yoga

Pregancy is a wonderful time in your life, but it also one that brings with it numerous physical and mental changes. Having a prenatal yoga practice can help prepare your body for labor and ease some of the physical discomforts of pregnancy....(more)

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